Matthew  Nolan  Millar

Schplook! Just listen to that mess, will you?

Welcome to Matthew Nolan Millar's personal website. 

I am a music teacher currently living in Korea. This site is currently under construction, but will soon be filled with various kinds of content. There will be information about me (my CV, or resume), along with content about my interests in creativity, education, and the soul.

Creativity covers composing and recording music, drawing and making animations, and taking and editing photos. The education section's focus is on learning and teaching skills in music, English language, and other subjects I have either taught or studied, such as management. Finally, the soul section covers aspects of my beliefs, my thoughts on psychology, and meditation.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this little chunk of my brain spread across the world via the internet.

Bowler Hat, à la Magritte.

The Guy in the Hat

I don't wear a hat.

But I like this hat.


I love the artwork of Rene Magritte, and the bowler hat features in some of my favourite works. I made this image as a tribute, and to represent myself online.




/ʃpluːk /

Don't ask where it came from... but it's my online handle.

Schplook logo... for now.